Snow Warrior

Snow Warrior

Snow Warrior is a love letter to the splendour of winter. It captures the beauty of a northern city through the eyes of a bicycle courier named Mariah. We see her ready herself and her bike for a gruelling day’s work of racing through the snow and traffic to get her deliveries into the hands of her customers.

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Snow Warrior, Kurt Spenrath & Frederick Kroetsch, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • writer
    Kurt Spenrath
  • director
    Kurt Spenrath
    Frederick Kroetsch
  • producer
    Frederick Kroetsch
    Bonnie Thompson
  • executive producer
    David Christensen
  • associate producer
    Rob Millang
  • editor
    Frederick Kroetsch
  • director of photography
    aAron Munson
  • additional photography
    Kyle Armstrong
  • field audio
    Philip Dransfeld
  • rigging grip
    Larry Kelly
    Rob Millang
  • foley
    Ian Armstrong
  • sound design
    Ian Armstrong
  • audio mix
    Ian Armstrong
  • additional post production
    Sarah Taylor
  • production coordinator
    Faye Yoneda
    Ginette D'Silva
    Hilda Amponsah
  • marketing manager
    Leslie Stafford
  • production supervisor
    Mark Power
    Esther Viragh
  • unit administrator
    Bree Beach
  • centre operations manager
    Darin Clausen
  • executive director
    Michelle van Beusekom