Montréal - The Neighborhood Revived

Montréal - The Neighborhood Revived

| 56 min

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This full-length documentary from the Challenge for Change program addresses housing issues affecting Montreal in the mid-1970s. As the city is restoring older apartments through direct action and government subsidies, new, low-rent housing is being integrated into old neighborhoods.

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Montréal - The Neighborhood Revived, Michel Régnier, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • director
    Michel Régnier
  • script
    Michel Régnier
  • editing
    Michel Régnier
  • producer
    Nicole Chamson
    Jean-Marc Garand
  • camera
    Laval Fortier
  • sound
    Claude Lefebvre
  • sound editing
    Gilles Quintal
    Marcel Sabourin
  • consultant
    Luc Durand
  • music
    Alain Clavier
  • re-recording
    Michel Descombes