Little Armadillos

Little Armadillos

                                Little Armadillos
| 5 min

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In this zany animated short, the universe is just one very big--and very small--dance of life. Did you know that there are approximately 5 billion tiny armadillo-like mites and bacteria roaming around your body? When you think about it, our planet is blessed with a similar population. From the microscopic world of our personal fauna to the macroscopic beauty of the cosmos, Little Armadillos explores interconnectedness of worlds both large and small.

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  • concept
    John Forrest
  • direction
    John Forrest
  • director of animation
    Debra Dawson
  • producer
    George Johnson
  • song composer
    John Forrest
  • vocals
    Long John Baldry
  • animator
    Wayne Morris
    Debra Dawson
    Sean Newton
  • technical director
    Shelley McIntosh
  • special effects
    Shelley McIntosh
  • character design
    Debra Dawson
  • background design
    Debra Dawson
  • backgrounds
    Judy Garfin
    Debra Dawson
  • colourist
    Celest Brown
  • character voice
    Doug Parker
    Lee Tockar
    Kathy Whytock
  • musician
    Patrick Coleman
    Gerry Barnum
    Billy Hicks
    Joe Morelli
    Bill Sample
  • animatic editor
    Ileana Pietrobruno
    Tina Reilhan
  • sound effects editor
    Dan Gagnon
  • sound mixer
    Shawn Pierce
  • sound design
    MX Solutions Inc.
  • production supervisor
    Kathryn Lynch
  • program administrator
    Bruce Hagerman
  • executive producer
    Svend-Erik Eriksen

  • Felipe_Carrelli

    Funny way to show the nano and macro world! Totally agree with the cicle metaphora! hahah!

    Felipe_Carrelli, 8 Dec 2011