Hunters and Bombers

Hunters and Bombers

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The hunters are the Innu people and the bombers are the air forces of several NATO countries, which conduct low-level flights over the Innu's hunting terrain. The impact of the jets is hotly debated by peace groups, Indigenous people, environmentalists and the military. But what is often overlooked are the many complex changes underway in Innu society, as social and technological changes confront a traditional hunting culture.

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  • director
    Hugh Brody
    Nigel Markham
  • producer
    Alan Hayling
    Rex Tasker
  • executive producer
    Germaine Ying Gee Wong
  • camera
    Nigel Markham
    Barry Ackroyd
    Kent Nason
  • sound
    Caroline Goldie
    Louis Marion
    Mike McDuffie
    Jim Rillie
  • editing
    Hannele Halm
  • sound editing
    Antonia McGrath
    Jane Porter
  • re-recording
    Shelley Craig
  • associate director
    Marie Wadden