Airplane Casualties

Airplane Casualties

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  • 7 min 5 s

This short film from 1918 shows various types of footage involving aircraft. An aircraft moves down the runway and takes off. Three planes in formation are seen from the air. Viewed from the cockpit, a pilot is at the controls. A hydroplane gets ready to land in a British port. Seen from the air, bombs fall on the battlefield. An enemy plane is pursued by fire from an anti-aircraft battery, while another spirals down and crashes on the ground. Canadian aviators pose proudly for the camera while an American crew attaches bombs to an aircraft.

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Film Credits

Walter Buckstone

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  • Brasstacks

    “Great historical film!” — Brasstacks, 7 Nov 2013

  • kruscito

    “@freddy-- you're right! Sound in films only became possible in the 1920s, well after this film was made :)” — kruscito, 20 Apr 2012

  • freddy

    “I guess it was a silent film?” — freddy, 13 Apr 2012

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