• Hunger

    One man’s descent into greed and gluttony

    Check out one of the world’s first computer-animated films. Director Peter Foldès uses seamlessly morphing imagery and an eerie soundtrack to paint a picture of unstoppable avarice.

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  • In the Labyrinth

    In the Labyrinth

    Everyone, everything, everywhere

  • Mindscape


    When the artist and the art become one

  • Momentum


    A breathtaking portrait of Canada

  • Moon Man

    Moon Man

    Featuring the music of Stompin’ Tom Connors

  • Boogie Doodle

    Boogie Doodle

    What?! A film made without a camera?

  • Helicopter Canada

    Helicopter Canada

    1 helicopter + 1 country = a whole new perspective

  • Mr. Mergler’s Gift

    Mr. Mergler’s Gift

    The magical meeting of prodigy and mentor

  • Crazywater


    FREE streaming: Nov. 16–25

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